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Giftie Giftie
Share Wish Lists with Friends and Family
Tired of guessing what gifts friends and family want for the holidays? Make wish lists and find out what everyone really wants. It’s private, universal, and best of all, free.
Giftie Giftie makes it easy to create and share wish lists online. No more holiday stress and guesswork -- get everyone gifts you know they’ll love.
Or see How it Works
Giftie Giftis is
You decide who sees your wish list and who can reserve gifts for you.
Include comments and details to make your wish list your own -- your favorite colors, your shoe size, etc.
We ain’t Pottery Barn -- the gifts you put on your list can be from any store, or just stuff you dream up.
Designed for Families
Your extended family can share their wish lists with one another privately -- including the kids.
For Any Occasion
Create a wish list for your birthday, Chrismas, a wedding, baby shower, etc.
Fun and Easy
Gift giving shouldn’t feel like work! With Giftie Giftie, it’s easy to see what people want, and to add gift ideas to your own list.