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Top Questions

Here are answers to some common questions.
Giftie Giftie is:
  • An online gift registry. Friends and family can reserve gifts from each other's wish lists, so nobody winds up getting the same thing.
  • Private. You choose who can see your gift list, and we never share your information with anybody.
  • Independent. Since we're not affiliated with any particular store or website, you can add gifts you find anywhere -- heck, they don't even have to be on the web.
  • Fun. We aim to make the site a pleasure to use, leaving lots of room for your personality to shine through.
  • Personal. The site is run by a husband-and-wife team (Jack and Maureen), just because they enjoy it. We hope you will too.
No -- we want gifts to be a surprise. When people on Giftie Giftie look at their own list, they just see what they entered. They can't see what's been reserved, or by whom.
Sometimes, though, people might see their list accidentally, when they're not signed in as themselves. (e.g., If my husband signs into Giftie Giftie on our home computer and then I use it to look at my list, I'll see the reservation info.) So we can't guarantee that people won't see what's been reserved on their own list, but we do our best to keep a secret.
When you see a gift on someone's list that you want to get them, click the "Reserve" button. The button will turn red so others can see that the gift is reserved. (But the person who creates the list doesn't see reservation info.)
When you browse someone's gift list, you'll see a "tag" icon next to each gift name. The tag is red for gifts that have been reserved.
To reserve, click the Actions button to the right of a gift.
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